An heroic combination

02.45 Sabados petanca MP3
03.44 Boat MP3
05.38 Electroacoustic tempo variations #1 MP3
03.11 Bourgeoises MP3
03.34 Calle mayor-Corral Sinagoga MP3
02.34 Her niece in Japan MP3
03.49 Silbandosolo MP3
01.52 Varadero MP3
05.13 Drunken man MP3
07.15 A l'ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs MP3

Full album zipped (mp3 & cover)

Produced by The Advanced Antennas.
Made in Spain, April 2009.
Recorded between november 2008 - march 2009
Artwork: Théo Mercier
Design: Colin Johnco

"The Advanced Antennas: Is a group of anonymous 7 radio-listeners, musicians and dx fans from different parts of the world that follows the experiencies, and texts of a misterious radio technician and french soldier known as ""Le technicien inconnu". This man was destinaded in the Tromelin Archipielago during the 1950´s and wrote some texts about technica radio skills, poems, and a unique book about how to transform the analogical radio noise into art using magnetic tape, "cut and paste", and the zoroastrian astrology. (The title of this book is "Mithra").
He spend 4 years in the island doing his work as a radio technician for the French Army. Supposedly `Le technicien´ lost his mind and commit suicide in 1954: In 1998 his personal goods (Letters, a collection of radios, and other stuff) were put on auction by his last descendant, and adquired by a Surinamese citizen called H. Nieuwendam, a expert in radio comunication, diexism, and historian.
Mr. Nieuwendam found the only a copy of the book of this misfortuned man, handwritten, and sudy for 4 years. Then he contact with some radio listeners and musicians, and create "The Advanced Antennas".
An heroic combination is a reference about the first chapter of "Mithra", in wich Le technicien inconnu (We cannot reveal his real name) talk about his chillhood, and teenage years, and put the basis to understand the book.
It was recorded using the Internet and snail mail from march 2005 to january 2009, by "The Advanced Antennas" (7 people from Costa Rica, Germany, France, Italy, Irán, Spain) Suriname We use many radios (Satellite 800, 3400, etc) omnidirectional antennas, clock radios, and so on to catch the noises. The melodies are played with diferent toy pianos."
Alejandro Remeseiro Fernández

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