Survey 0002

03.03 Bryan Lewis Saunders With a smile MP3 blog
05.05 Comfy Rubbish Flushers MP3 blog
07.57 Fonik Coda coda coda MP3 blog
05.41 Igors Roomy Labcoat SOMANTICS MP3 blog
07.25 Murmurists Dad the wall; mum the gun MP3 blog
01.13 One Minute Wanda SKINBAG MP3 blog
05.13 SIFIR Bodies the instrument MP3 blog
04.23 Tracy lee Summers Recycled paper body MP3 blog
13.30 undRess Beton Somnus (bed in thre pieces) MP3 blog
02.38 Zoologic Sucker punch MP3 blog

Full album zipped

(mp3 & cover)

Produced by Classwar Karaoke.
Made in England, USA, Turkey, Germany, France - August 2008.

Classwar Karaoke is based around a series of ongoing quarterly surveys. each act contributes a piece of music, an image, and a piece of writing.
Published 1st august 2008.
Survey 0002's theme, devised by SIFIR, is 'bodies the instruments', and arises from his somnambulist situations project.
read more about the theme and project here: Somnambulist Situationists

Photo: Theo Mercier.

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