Divide by Zero

32.03 Divide by Zero MP3

Full album zipped (mp3 & cover)

Produced by SIFIR.
Made in Turkey, May 2008.
Artwork: Cret A.

SIFIR - Divide by Zero

"Where to start has always been a problem for the Deleuzian philosophy. What makes it radically different is its insistence on a rhizomatic structure which is both a structure and not a structure at the same time. In other words, thought for Deleuze is not layered on a binary structure it is not tree-like, nor branch-like but root-like. It questions the entrances and exits. And doing so, it raises questions about limits. For example, how do you read a map? How do you transform your thought into a map? Perhaps, its better to start with a life experience. "

-Divide by Zero.doc

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