artwork: arno zhorn

LEEP / Colin Johnco records
Mixed @ Black Byzance - July 2009

player: jimmy bandit

LEEPILATION III contains tracks from various artists not only from LEEP/CJC records
It was compiled between winter and summer 2009 at Black Byzance

The last playlist in a serie of 3
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The third compilation from LEEP/CJC records
LEEPilation 2 / Les Enregistrements de l'Europe Parisien
LEEPilation 1 release on Midinette records

From the LP "Thieves and clues"
Usa/France, 2009
02 CHEVO LÉGÉ - Récit ethnologique
Produced by Chevo légé
France, 2009
03 SAD LATCH - The tree
Produced by Sad Latch
France, 2009
04 GNOD - Prelude
The track is available on a 7" split, with Bong from Newcastle
The track is an edit of a 24 minute track called '24 Minutes Over Manchester'
It was performed and recorded by Gnod on a 4 track recorder
UK, in the Summer of 2007
05 FAREWELL POETRY - January, in the bold jaws of bear traps
Produced by Frédéric D. Oberland, Jayne Amara Ross, Dave Olliffe
France, 2009
06 ANDREW HOWES - Yellow cake
Recorded at the Dewsbury Underground in 2007, all instruments as usual by Andrew Howes. UK

07 PANPANPAN - Champs de gravier
Enregistré au local, Lyon.
Mixed by Jonathan Grandcollot
Produced by PANPANPAN
France, 2009
08 CICEROBUCK - 1889, Moon base
Recorded at Le Vesinet
Produced by Christian Bernard-Cerdevall
Thanks to Sebastian Henessy & Audrey
France, 1994-1995
09 K-THE-I ??? & TLS - Droned accapella
K-the-i??? accapella recorded live in Lyon
mixed and overdub by Colin Johnco
Usa/France, 2009

10 SINNER DC - Anyway (SchizoBoy remix by Van Hai)
remix by Van Hai of the track "Anyway" from the LP Crystallized release on Ai records
Switzerland, 2009
11 KAELTELOESUNG - Plug the chord
From the LP By accident and surprise release on LEEP/CJC records
Produced by Thomas Gothier, mastering Andy Goldbrunner.
Germany, 2006
12 IAN BRENO - Un mal enraciné
With the courtesy of Vaatican records.
Produced by Ian Breno
France, 2009
13 AGOOSTUS - Scape melt
Produced by Agoostus
USA, 2009
14 LVDLM - Stage 2
Produced by LVDLM
France, 2009
15 AKA_BONDAGE - Shav/ke my soul
Composed, played, recorded, mixed by aka_bondage (Nicolas Marmin)
mastered by Norscq - many many thanks to JLM
France, 2009
16 THE STUF, JAB, OGNIQUALVOLTA - The stuf rencontre ogniqualvolta
Superposition of "Busal" by The Stuf, Jab and "Boucles" by Ogniqualvolta
Composed by The Stuf, Jab / Ogniqualvolta. Mixed by Colin Johnco
UK/Ireland/France, 2009
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