05.44 Tunalfiguss MP3
03.44 Goathook MP3
06.27 Doorn MP3
04.11 Peas listen MP3
08.05 Menotrophyt plank-on MP3

Full album zipped (mp3 & cover)


Creative Commons License
Tunalfiguss by The Stuf, Nuglasis est mis à disposition selon les termes de la licence Creative Commons Paternité-Pas de Modification 2.0 France.
Produced by The Stuf, Nuglasis.
Made in Ireland, November 2009.
Artwork: Armand Lepeltier.

The first track, Tunalfiguss is an excellent sound collage bringing to mind the likes of live Swedish sound art vs. a Detsroy All Monsters "Swamp Gas" or "Gobbler" mash up. Complex in it's variety of sounds but seemingly joined together in smooth and simple ways. Track two, "Goathook", was more like rock 'n' roll (minus a few chromosomes) and it also sounded as if it had been made in the Australian outback! Track three, Doorn, was like 'free jazz with nature' backing a humming vocalization that flowed between the shamanic and the psychological trickster presence of Bruce Nauman, ending with a wonderful touch of John Zorn's early childhood. Track four, Peas Listen, made me feel like I was trapped in a stopped subway on LSD while a gypsy played accordion for money, knowing that I was on LSD and purposely made the accordion more and more unnerving just for me, so as to get all of my money! Track five, Menotrophyt Plank-On, gave me a sense of deja vu, and was very dreamlike with vocals like Lester Bowie in super slow-mo counterbalanced by an incredibly fantastic spasmodic drumming, as if Tony Williams had a nervous fit and someone else was documneting it! All in all I really enjoyed this cd, and will find myself listening to it again and again I'm sure. If anything it was a bit short in duration. To me, Tunalfiguss made jazz, art and spirituality come together to make sense, in a wonderfully playful childlike way.
B.L. Saunders